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Ecosilver Bead for Social Housing Landlords and Housing Associations

Whether you are a social housing landlord or part of the Housing Association, you need to read this. When you work in this industry, you have a duty of care to both your tenants and the government. That means that you have to adhere to any rules or regulations that you get. 

When you house a great number of people, you need to ensure that everything is above board. When new rules come into place, you will have a set deadline to meet them.

What do the regulations say?

In Scotland, social housing landlords have to improve the energy efficiency of social housing. In this way, they should reduce their energy use and fuel property. They will also need to cut back on the emission of greenhouse gases from their homes. 

It is crucial that anyone working in this field takes note of these new regulations. The Government insists that landlords have a duty to make these changes as soon as they can. That is to say that there is mounting pressure on both landlords and the Housing Association. If this regulation happens to apply to you, it's time to get to work.

Why should you improve your energy rating?

You may wonder why you need to improve the energy efficiency of your properties. Well, there are many benefits that you may not have considered. For one thing, it will make your property attractive, should you ever wish to sell it. That means that you will have a better chance of getting a high sale value for your home than you otherwise would. 

Another reason you might want to think about is the fact that you will be helping the planet. As you know, there are far too many emissions. If you can help to cut back on them, it will make a massive difference. An eco friendly home has low bills. That means that there will be less strain on the taxpayer than there is now. When you weigh up all the advantages, it is clear to see why these regulations are in place.

How can Ecosilver help?

Ecosilver bead is a perfect solution when it comes to insulating your properties. The bead are easy to install, and you can use them at your convenience. They are weather resistant and ideal for almost any home. Ecosilver is the only regulated EPS insulation bead manufactured here in Scotland by the BBA. When you choose to invest in this material, it means that you are supporting the local economy. Since you have to insulate your homes, you might be looking for the fastest and most affordable way. 

Cavity wall insulation

You may already believe that cavity wall has been installed in the majority of your housing stock but take a moment to ask yourself this question. 

Has the insulation material that has already been installed currently working effectively to the same standards of EPS bead ?

In our opinion and experience a lot of properties need their old and under performing cavity wall insulation upgraded. 

Contact us to discuss an easy and affordable insulation upgrade.

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