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If you are a homeowner, you will always be looking for new ways to improve your property. Of course, it is crucial that you do everything you can to keep your home in the best possible condition. If you want to increase the value of your home, reduce your bills and make your house cosy, there is just one thing for it. When you insulate your home with Ecosilver bead, it will improve your home a great deal.

Understanding cavity walls

So, what are cavity walls and why do you need to know about them? It is quite simple when you break it down. A cavity wall has two major components that is two other walls. In the middle of these walls, there is a gap or cavity. If your home dates back to any point after 1930, it is likely to have these walls. Also, if your walls seem to be more than 11 inches thick, it's likely that they have a cavity. This space can be something of an issue for homeowners as it can allow heat to escape. The best thing you can do is insulate the walls so that this issue never arises.

How does wall insulation work?

Wall insulation is not as difficult as it first sounds. In fact, it is quite a straightforward procedure. The unique design of the beads means that they can fill almost any shaped space. That means that this system is flexible depending on your home structure. Once an expert injects the insulation bead into the cavity, it will insulate your home. The spherical design of the beads means that they create tiny air pockets. This feature means that the bead are ideal when it comes to insulation especially in high exposure zones as it allows moisture to pass down through insulation preventing water penetration to the inside walls.

Reduces your household bills

When you have proper insulation in your home, you will see a massive difference in your bank balance. Often, people don't realise how much energy and money they waste on a month by month basis. If you want to cut back a little, insulating your home in the next logical step for you. Once you have installed Ecosilver bead in your wall cavities, you will see that the house is warm. You will not have to waste any money overheating your home.

Helps the environment

Did you know that a massive 35% of carbon emissions from your home comes from through the walls ? That means that you could be doing more for the environment than you realise. The U-Value of your home tells you how much heat and energy you waste. You should aim to lower the rating as much as you can. That means that you need to prevent heat from escaping from your home. When you start using less energy in your home, it benefits the environment.

Eco subsidies

It may surprise you to learn that you could be eligible for Eco funding. That means that you can get special subsidy to help you improve the efficiency rating of your home. It is worth taking advantage of this funding whilst available. 

Previously installed cavities

Some properties may have had other inferior insulation products installed. We can offer a cavity wall extraction service at a low cost and install a superior product with a fully 25 year insurance backed guarantee.


Makes your home comfortable

When the harsh winter months come, it can be hard to stay cosy and comfortable. When you insulate your home, it will feel warmer than ever. There are many ways in which this solution can help you so why wait to make a change?

You may already believe that cavity wall has been installed in the majority of homes but take a moment to ask yourself this question. 

Has the insulation material that has already been installed currently working effectively to the same standards of EPS bead ?

In our opinion and experience a lot of houses and home owners need their old and under performing cavity wall insulation upgraded. 

Contact us to discuss an easy and affordable insulation upgrade.

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