Architects : Specifying Insulation Beads

When someone is about to build a home, they often consult with an architect. After all, these people are industry experts and can ensure that everything works well. It is crucial that builders get this input so that they can design and create an ideal building. In the same respect, though, the architect has a duty to their clients to offer only the best advice.

Much of the time, architects will suggest that people use insulation boards. For many years, they have offered this advice, but we think it's about time they changed it. Of course, no one should ever compromise on quality when it comes to a building. We believe that there is a faster and more efficient way to insulate homes than using boards.

Why build extra homes?

There is a national target to build up to 500,000 homes per year in the UK by 2020. Since the population is ever expanding, we need more homes than ever. If we are to meet that target, it is crucial that we ensure that the building costs are low. Of course, the faster and cheaper we can create homes, the better it is for the country. That is not to say that builders should ever cut corners. Instead, they need to ensure that they find sensible solutions. When you work in this trade, it is your job to solve problems. One such issue could be that you need a quick solution to your insulation needs. As you know, house builders have to keep a close eye on development costs. They need to ensure that all the projects fall within a particular budget. Only then, can they continue to build new properties to meet the growing demand.

Forward-thinking architects

We believe that forward thinking architects should offer yet another solution to people's insulation needs. Of course, as the industry develops, there are always many more cost effective options available. Ecosilver bead is a simple solution. It is of the utmost importance that architects explore all the options. That way, they can be confident that they will offer the right advice for each particular home. Insulation bead might be have been around for some time, but they are well worth considering. If people are looking to lower the construction costs of their home, we believe that there is one choice. The insulation beads are an ideal solution for anyone in the construction business.

The benefits of Ecosilver EPS bead

You may be wondering what the benefits of bead are. Well, there are a great many that we'd like to share with you. First of all, they are the only registered EPS insulation material that is manufactured Scotland. That means that, when you invest in them, you are boosting the local economy. Aside from that, their unique design means that they fill the entirety of any cavity. Bead is weather resistant and easy to install. We believe that they will lower the U-Value of any home. They will also increase the speed of the build, without comprising the build integrity. With many advantages, they are the right option for architects and builders alike.

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