Who Uses EPS Bead Insulation

Who Uses EPS Bead Insulation

You may have heard a great deal about insulation bead already, but do you know who uses them? We don't just supply building companies. In fact, our client list is as vast as they come. There may be many reasons that you need to invest in EPS bead insulation. Right now, architects specify that people should use insulation board in build projects. The problem with this type of insulation is that it is not as beneficial to buildings as bead are. Let's take a quick look at some of the people that may buy our products and how they use them.


  • Board alternative

  • Lower build cost

  • Faster than board

  • Thermal Conductivity 0.035 WmK


Cavity Wall Installers

  • UK/Ireland delivery

  • Order container loads

  • Fast delivery

  • Back up service


Home Owners

  • Minimum waste

  • Lower build cost

  • No gaps or joins

  • Fully insulated property


Housing Associations

  • Improve energy effiency

  • Reduce energy use

  • Improve energy ratings

  • Easy, low cost to install


Private Tenant Landlords

  • Improve EPC Ratings

  • Attractive to rent

  • Attractive to sell

  • Property eco-friendly


Property and Construction

  • Alternative to partial fill board

  • Alternative to full fill cavity batt

  • Lower your cost

  • Made in Scotland


House builders and property developers use EPS insulation bead

Of course, one of our biggest markets happens to be builders and property developers. In the modern world, people have to think about how eco-friendly their buildings are. That means that property developers will do all they can to make the building as efficient as it can be. When they use bead, it means that the wall make up has a low U-Value. In simple terms, that means that the house will keep in as much heat as possible.

Private and social housing landlords use bead

According to new Government rules, private and social housing landlords have to make changes. That is to say that they need to ensure that houses are as eco friendly as they can be. Often, that means that they need to upgrade the current insulation system that they use. Ecosilver bead are an ideal way to ensure that the home meets Government standards. When the landlords invest in cavity wall insulation, it means that the home will be efficient. Landlords now have a specific deadline, and so have to up their game when it comes to this aspect of their builds.

Construction companies use bead

Constructing a new home or, indeed, a commercial property is no easy feat. Of course, the building architects will suggest that people use insulation boards. These boards are more expensive and less efficient than beads. Once construction companies start using bead, they'll see it's the right choice. When it comes to developing a build programme, it can be difficult. These companies find the best materials for the job.

Cavity wall installers use Ecosilver bead 

Of course, there are also cavity wall installers that also need insulation bead. For a long time, these experts used traditional means of insulating walls. That means that they opted for materials, such as foam or wool. Bead is much better than these two options.  Their spherical design means that they create an environment that resists moisture penetration. 

Householders save money with insulation bead 

Homeowners are always looking for ways in which they can save money. When people want to lower the cost of their monthly outgoings, there is only one way to do so. When they get Ecosilver , they can be sure that their home will stay warm all the time. That means that they will save money and stay cosy during the winter.

As you can see, we serve an array of different clients. There are many excellent reasons to insulate a building, so why wait?

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