Ecosilver Insulation Bead Factory

At our 20,000 square foot manufacturing plant in Clydebank, Scotland, we are proud to manufacture our own product for cavity wall insulation, a closed cell expanded polystyrene bead for retro fit and new build properties.

Ecosilver Ltd has a British Board of Agrement certified conductivity value of 0.035 W/m2K.

Ecosilver is installed under pressure freely into an empty cavity and coated with an adhesive, forming a bonded homogenous heat saving mass which will not shrink, crack or settle, or be unduly affected by the removal of any of the outer brickwork, alterations or window replacements.

The adhesive is a PVA, Polyvinyl Acetate, it bonds the beads together and provides long term stability to the installation. 

PVA is insoluble in water, therefore it will not not weaken.

Ecosilver bead has been developed by Ecosilver Ltd and the British Board of Agrement and will be fully guaranteed for 25 years with an insurance backed guarantee.