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Architects, developers and cavity wall installers specify EPS bead for performance and reduced build time and cost.

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Ecosilver EPS bead is available to purchase directly from our factory delivering throughout the UK and Ireland.

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Property developers, builders and cavity wall installers apply Ecosilver to new properties and existing homes.

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Ecosilver EPS Bead for Cavity Wall Insulation

The only EPS (expanded polystyrene) insulation bead for cavity wall insulation manufactured in Scotland with BBA accredition.

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Ecosilver Insulation Bead is the only manufactured EPS bead in Scotland with BBA Accredition. 

When it comes to property insulation, you may be under the impression that there is just one way to get the job done. In reality, with all the different methods and technology that are in the market it means that property developers and home owners have an array of insulation options. The preferred option is EPS bead.

About Ecosilver Ltd

Ecosilver have insulated thousands of homes in Scotland. It is our mission to make sure that people not only add value to their property but also add comfort to their life. When people trust their services, the experts at Ecosilver never let them down. Over the last five years, our team have learnt a great deal about the business. As such, we now manufacture the preferred method to insulate homes.

High quality insulation bead

The Ecosilver team has spent the last half a decade learning all they can about the industry. In that time, one thing became obvious to us, insulation beads are the best way to insulate a wall. We have realised that the most efficient way to keep heat in a room is to use a silver bead system. There was only one natural progression from this point. We had to create and manufacture silver insulation bead as the obvious choice for high quality cavity wall insulation. 

The insulation bead development process

After a seven-figure investment, the team set to work and began Ecosilver bead production. That lead them to the ultimate creation of the 20,000 square feet Ecosilver factory. These new premises allowed us to start manufacturing the EPS insulation bead in Scotland. These specialist expanded polystyrene beads are of the highest standards. That fact has helped them to grow and grow in popularity. While Ecosilver bead may seem a little like other products on the market, they have one thing that makes them stand out. In fact, these beads are more flexible and commercially viable for building insulation than any other products.

Insulation bead manufactured in Scotland

When you invest in Ecosilver from our company, you can be sure that they will be high quality. We manufacture Ecosilver bead right here in Scotland. If you buy Ecosilver bead from us, you will also help the local economy. When you choose to buy Ecosilver from us, we will never let you down.

Invest in insulation bead today

If you believe that your insulation company could do a better job than they do now, look no further. Ecosilver is available to other firms in the industry. We also supply everyone from property developers to homeowners. Why not contact us today? One of our helpful team members will be more than happy to help you in any way you need.

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